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British Tabloids

July 20, 2011
“Rogue” members of an org. almost never are really rogues. Their rogue modus operandi almost always reflects the organization’s modus operandi, or ethos.

The curator’s challenge: Balancing new tools and traditional journalism ethics

August 9, 2011
The thousands of people who crowded around the New Hampshire State House one day in late April 2011 were there for a single reason: to protest planned budget cuts and proposed changes to collective bargaining laws. And they used every available tool to convey their discontent.

How much can you trust what you find on the web?

August 24, 2011
The reliability of online information has been a serious concern since the start of the digital age. And I recently found myself stuck in a rather uncomfortable situation in regard to an online review of my novel, “Karaoke of Blood.”

Travel + Technology

September 6, 2011
In recent years, the travel industry has witnessed a series of technological innovations. Long gone are the days of trekking to the local travel agency to find plane tickets. With online booking, such intermediaries have become superfluous. Not to mention the discounts that add up by booking a hotel online. Prior to departing, travelers can visit locations virtually through the World Wide Web. Once there, a Smartphone app can guide travelers around using the latest GPS updates.

Online Polls

September 16, 2011
While I am certainly addicted to digital news and information, I also love to watch the national evening news the old fashioned way -- on television. I prefer NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, even though the idea of a news organization having direct financial ties to a major defense contractor is pretty ridiculous (General Electric owns 49% of NBC Universal).

The Rise of the Content Mill

September 28, 2011
The Internet has not only altered the method of delivery for a variety of media—including text-based, audio and video—but it has also redefined the publishing industry’s business model. Traditional content creators, such as established print magazines and newspapers, have historically had difficulty competing in this new digital realm. This is evidenced by a number of dismal statistics. For example, according to the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper print ad sales fell by a record 29.…