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The School of Communication’s Center for Digital Ethics and Policy (CDEP) has been celebrating outstanding achievements in the digital ethics space for the past nine years through the Digital Ethics Symposium and now it wants to highlight the work done by our own student body. The first-ever CDEP Student Ethics Award will be given out this Fall to the student or group of students from any discipline at Loyola that exhibits strong ethical behavior and the promotion of social justice in our ever-changing digital world. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next great digital innovator or crusader on campus, they could be a computer science major who creates websites for people in the community or maybe they are a film student using their work to shine a light on some inspiring stories. Whoever they are, we want to recognize them. You, as a student, witness the extraordinary efforts of the student body every day, it’s time to show your support for your fellow classmates and get rewarded for keeping your finger on the pulse at Loyola. 

Whether it’s starting a new on-campus organization that helps with technological literacy in the community or responding to online hate in a productive way, we want to know about it! Share your admiration for those around you, and benefit yourself! The nominator of the winner of the award will be given $100, just for nominating them. 

The winner of the CDEP Student Ethics Award will receive $250 and will be recognized at this year’s Digital Ethics Award Luncheon on Nov. 7 at 1:00 p.m. 

Nominations can be submitting via this form and the deadline to submit will be Friday, October 18 at midnight. 

Questions? Contact CDEP organizer Emma Ingrassia at [email protected]

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