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Researchers from across the country (and the globe) will present their research on digital ethics to each other in a colloquium-like setting on November 7 and 8. Although these presentations will take place in smaller rooms and are not meant to be attended by a larger audience, we welcome scholars who want to sit in. Contact Program Director Bastiaan Vanacker ([email protected]) if you want to join in on our conversation. 

Thursday, November 7

8:15 – 9:30: Self-censorship and the Privatization of Censorship: Challenges to Ethical Journalistic Practice in Turkey 

  • Aras Coskuntuncel, American University 
  • David S. Allen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

9:45 – 11:00: Erasing the Past: Unpublishing’s Challenges to Traditional Journalistic Norms and Ethics 

  • Deborah L. Dwyer, Doctoral Student and the Park Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism 
  • Chad Painter, Assistant Professor, University of Dayton Department of Communication

4:00 – 5:15: Research Confronting Quarantine: The Ethics of Reddit’s Censure, Censorship, and What Comes After 

  • Luc Cousineau, Ph.D. Candidate University of Waterloo
  • Caitlin Carlson, Seattle University

Friday, November 8

8:30 – 9:45: Live Facial Recognition in Public: Is there a right to anonymity? 

  • Nora Madison, Chestnut Hill College
  • Mathias Klang, Fordham University

10:00 – 11:15: The Ethics Behind a Yoghurt. The Digital Communication of the La Fageda Cooperative and its Values. 

  • Míriam Díez Bosch, School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University (Spain)
  • Alba Sabaté Gauxachs, School of Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University (Spain)

11:3012:45: Outdoor Advertising Heats Up: Transforming Digital Signage and Ethical Issues

  • Pamela Morris, Loyola University Chicago
  • Ava Francesca Battocchio, Loyola University Chicago 

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